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Dual window computing weighing scale
The  machine is  equipped  with a  strong  16bit low power,  high  speed  renesas
microcontroller  and 24 bit s igma-delta  ADC and provides  an  accuracy  of 1gm
at 50kg. It has  two sets (one for customer and second for retailer) of  2  windows
of 7seg. Displays to show weight and amount.  RS232 port is available to connect
additional booth display. 6v in-built battery back up provides uninterrupted service
at power off.  If not in use, the machine has the function of stand by mode. 


Place of origin: India
Capacity: 10kg to 35kg.
Resolution: As required upto 1gm                           
   Advanced 16 Bit Low Power Microcontroller
   24 Bit Sigma Delta ADC.
   Bright LED Display. Stable Indication
   2 windows of displays for weight and Amount
   Quick Response Time& Auto Zero Tracking.
     Price Computing Functions.
     Full Capacity Tare Function.
     In-built 24 Hours Battery  Backup on  average use.
     Stand-by Mode & Auto-Off feature.
     RS-232 Interface to connect Additional     
       Booth Display / INNSYS POS printer