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Printer fitted Computing scale
Innovative Systems has developed a unique indigenous  electronic weighing scale,first of
its  kind  price  computing  weighing  scale  with  built in thermal printer.The machine is
equipped with a strong 16bit low power,  high speed renesas microcontroller  and 24 bit  
sigma-delta ADC  and  provides  an  accuracy of 1 gm at 50kg. It has  two sets (one for 
customer  and  second  for retailer)  of  4 window  6x7 segment Displays to show weight,
rate of the   item, amount, and total amount of all the items purchased by the customer.

Place of origin: India
Capacity: 10kg to 35kg.
Resolution: As required upto 1gm                         
         Advanced 16 Bit Low Power Micro-controller.
         Long in built Battery Backup.
         Memory of 100 items with item code and names.
         32 items can be selected directly by hot keys.
         In built Thermal Printer for bill printing.
         Customer editable header and footer.
         All regular features of weighing scale.
         RS-232 Interface for Booth Display.
         Stand-by Mode & Auto-Off feature
         24 Bit Sigma Delta ADC supports upto 50,000
         Auto Zero Tracking.
         Price Computing Functions.
         Quick Response Time and Stable Indication.
         Bright LED four windows of displays to show
          weight, Amount, Rate and total payable bill.
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