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Place of origin: India
Product category: Token printer with display
Model: INNSYS CM01


• Token Printer with LCD display.

• Provision of resetting token serial no.

• Provision of adding Header and footer on the Token.

• Provision of adding any message / instructions on the bottom of token.

• Prints time and date on the Token.

• Feature of automatically resetting of token no. on day change.

• Supports standard PC key board for header / footer programming and time setting.

• 20X4  LCD display to monitor current token no. and programming.

• Bill printing on 56/57mm thermal paper.

• Works as a stand alone token printer and does not require computer.

• An additional button on the printer avoids the use of keyboard for token printing (Not shown on the product photo)

• 12VDC operated.

• In built 7.4V /1800maH battery back up (Optional)

Application: General stores, Restaurants, Kiosks, Medical Stores, Book stores and stationeries, vegetable shops, Juice corners, and all types of retail shops.